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About Us


All spiritual traditions are part of the collective wisdom of the world’s human community. As we enter into dialogue we do so with the upmost respect, recognizing the sacredness of each tradition. There is no attempt at harmonization, reduction, or syncretism. Each tradition is upheld with esteem and gratitude.

In our Border region a diversity of faith communities and spiritual traditions exist which give us the opportunity to learn about our unique beliefs and practices so as to foster meaningful relationships with one another.

    The InterFaith Alliance of the Southwest, earnestly seeks to:

  • Offer opportunities to promote mutual understanding and respect through education and dialogue,

  • Cooperate from the perspective of our faith traditions to address the issues that impact our region, especially those that affect vulnerable populations within our community.

  • Work together for a brighter and more peaceful future. 

  • Strengthen our commitment to be good neighbors through recognizing and affirming our spiritual and cultural richness.

  • Meetings for Faith Leaders, Community at Large, and Youth

 These consist of meetings with speakers on different topics regarding different religions and time for interfaith dialogue. The meetings are held in different locations each time.

  • City-Wide Prayer Gatherings

Held once or twice per year in various places of worship and include prayers from many religions and many languages.  The Alliance also participates in prayer and community gatherings of other organizations.

  • Religion 101 Events

Seminars about different faiths and beliefs. Speakers are available from most of the participating faith traditions and can be requested by anyone.

  • Presence in the Community

The Alliance seeks to be present in our community and has prepared at times letters addressing concerns or important happenings in our region.  We also look to organize or participate in service projects when possible. And we seek to participate as much as possible in community gatherings of all kinds especially where our presence can help promote dialogue.

Mission Statement

Activities and Programs

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